White Turquoise, Magnasite TD 40-60mm slab bead ONE Focal bead


Brand: KanduBeads

Shape: slice nugget slab focal pendant
(Average) Length 40 mm
Width 25 mm
Height 5 mm
Weight 1000 carat

Material: Magnasite
Color: Creamy white
Grade: Top Quality UNTREATED
Details: Natural white Mangasite (white turquoise) slab nugget beads. The sizes range from 25x40 - 45x60mm . THe color is a soft creamy white, with a natural matrix of a deep dark brownish black.
They are top drilled and have smooth parallel surfaces however the edges show the rough matrix of the natural rocks they were hewn from. MUST SEE!!
Perfect for your wire wrapping or bezel or beading projects!
Design idea: Imagine this with copper, wood and leather for an earthy look, or use with brigher color nuggets for a more serene look, the possiblilities are endless.