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One Handmade Brass Etched Prayer Bead, Hollow Saucer Puff Round


Brand: KanduBeads

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Hand made in India, Aprox 2 mm opening They are hollow so relatively light weight. Beautifully detailed, with delicate etching on top and bottom.

These are made using only humane processes in a fair trade environment. These come from Morocco.

Please note, these are hand made beads. Part of the beauty is that they are all different and show the beautiful craft in making them. Because of this, every bead is different and special but the dimensions quoted are estimates of a few beads. We try to do our best but we cannot be precise. These beads are rough. They are hand made, and rustic, some may be crushed, others may appear to have parts in the solder. Expect this, that is what makes them beautiful.

Shape: round-ish sandwhich puff shape .
Quantity: 1 bead.
Length 30 x 23 or 15 x 10 mm
Material: Brass, India , etched.
Color: Brass, etched.
Grade: Handmade, rustic.