Boobie Bling Bracelet to benefit Breast Cancer Charity


Brand: KanduDesigns

Color: Red With Flame Pave Ball

This bracelet is designed to raise funds for breast cancer charities. $10 from the sale of every bracelet will be given to "The Sisters' Project" of Wallingford, CT. 
The bracelet is made from glass crystal beads, a pave Cubic Zirconia ball, hematite spacers and silver-tone star with pewter beads and silver plated chain for adjustable closure using the sturdy lobster claw clasp. All materials are lead and cadmium free. 
This whimsical, sparkly bracelet features stars to represent every person dealing with cancer, whom of which in our eyes, is a super star. Whether you are a survivor, in treatment, a caregiver or have had your life touched by breast cancer, you are a super star! 
Each bracelet has a small charm attached in the shape of a fancy bra or bathing suit top instead of the typical pink ribbon. We decided to   abandon the pink ribbon after some of our friends and relatives, who are breast cancer survivors, said they were not interested in wearing the pink ribbon because it was an invitation to discuss a time in their life they may not have wanted to talk about at certain times. The bras are a more discreet and humorous reminder that you are doing your part by wearing a "Boobie BIing" Bracelet. 
These bracelets come in every color of the rainbow, not just the typical pink. Only the name is bold, the design is very feminine and modern.


Adjustable from 7-8.5"


Comes ready for gift giving.