Blue Recycled Pressed Glass heishi tube Beads (Made In Ghana)


Brand: KanduBeads

Shape: tube, Heishi
available quantities are: 20" Full strand (about 80 beads), 8" half strand (about 38-45 beads),
Length 5-6 mm
Width 6-7 mm
Height 6-7 mm
Material: sand cast glass
Color: sky blue
Grade: smooth polished surface
Details: Handmade glass beads from Africa. These are pressed by hand from recycled glass from bottles and whatever can be found for this process. The surface shows that gorgeous rough pocked surface that can only be made by a hand process. These are rare, fantastic and very special. Do not miss this opportunity to have a piece of history.

These are made using only humane processes. These come from Ghana.

Please note, these are hand made beads. Part of the beauty is that they are all different and show the beautiful craft in making them. Because of this, every bead is different and special but the dimensions quoted are estimates of a few beads.

**Please note, all monitors are different. We do our best to make accurate representations of colors but your monitor may not have the same saturation or color values as ours.

******************ABOUT THESE BEADS*******************

These are hand sand cast beads made using humane techniques in Ghana, Africa. The People who make these beads use fair and safe labor practices to make and sell them in a free market.