5 Handmade African Brass Bells 16x10mm Coiled Motif, Belly Dance, Ethiopian


Brand: KanduBeads

Hand made in Ethiopia, Aprox 3 mm opening They are hollow with a small bead clapper so they relatively light weight and make a lovely tinkling sound when jiggled.

These are made using only humane processes in a fair trade environment. These come from Ethiopia.

Please note, these are hand made beads. Part of the beauty is that they are all different and show the beautiful craft in making them. Because of this, every bead is different and special but the dimensions quoted are estimates of a few beads. We try to do our best but we cannot be precise. These beads are rough. They are hand made, and rustic, some may be crushed or malformed, others may appear to have parts missing. Expect this, that is what makes them beautiful. Please see all of the photos so you can see what yours may look like. Most are complete but you may receive one or 2 bells in your lot which may be somewhat malformed.

Shape: round-ish .
Quantity: 5 bells .
Length 10 mm
Width 10 mm
Height 16 mm
Material: Brass, Ethipian,
Color: Brass,
Grade: Handmade, rustic.