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Kamp Kandu Summer Crafting Camp for tweens

Summer Crafting Camp for Tweens ages 8-15

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Kamp Kandu is a creative crafting program for young adults who want a challenge this summer. Kamp Kandu’s staff are enthusiastic mature adults who personify the Kandu attitude. All of our kounselors have years of experience designing, teaching, making and mentoring. Group sizes are kept very small, (10 or less participants per group) so that we can offer the one on one attention required to nurture your teen’s imagination this summer.
This is the perfect program for those who want to broaden their portfolios, learn new skills, and express themselves in an accepting, nonjudgmental environment. In this distinctive program, kampers are taught to think and design in creative ways. Participants will use hands, mind and eyes to make art which is as unique as each of them.
Each session is deliberately choreographed to encourage young artists to deeply explore each medium while gaining an appreciation for nature and the involvement of each other in any creative process. Always the emphasis is on doing good, for yourself, for each other and for the planet. Every session is hands on. Participants should arrive every day dressed and ready to make art. The rewards are immediate but the skills and passion for the arts will last a lifetime.


One Week Sessions. – 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

Tuition includes all required materials and use of tools, games activities, light healthy snack, time outdoors.

$30.00 Early Sign Up Discount (paid signups by March 31) use code EarlyKamp

$10.00 Multi Child Discount (in one household) use code MultiKamp

$10.00 Discount For More than one Session Signup by the same kamper use code LotsOKamp

Session 1: Potpourri: July 5-8 (4 Days) $285 This session is for the peeps who wanna try a little of everything to see what floats their boat.

  • Beaded Macramé – Make a funky bracelet using knots and beads.
  • Crystal Keepers- Learn how to trap a natural crystal in a decorative twisted wire cage.
  • Bead Chain – Kampers will learn how to use jeweler’s tools to make handmade one of a kind beaded chains.
  • Polymer Jewelry- We will use polymer clay to create original jewelry which will impress everyone you know.

Session 2: Strings and Knots July 11-16 (5 Days) $315 - Learn the basics of jewelry design taught by expert professional designers. Projects include:

  • Crimpin’ - Designing and making a crimped beaded necklace/ bracelet.
  • Not Your Granma’s Pearl Knotting- Modern pearl knotting for the cool kids.
  • Kamp Macramé - Learn how to make interesting patterns by knotting cord.
  • Kumihimo (Japanese Braiding) - Fantastically popular and fun braiding using a soft foam disk. Create amazing designs and learn to incorporate beads for even more design ideas.

Session 3: Wire Wrappin’ July 18-22 (5 Days) $315 - Learn how to use craft wire to trap stones, make jewelry and adorn beads. Kampers will learn proper use of jeweler’s tools and metalworking techniques.

  • Wire Cages: Learn to trap a polished stone in a decorative wire cage
  • Empress Bracelet: Make a cool bangle bracelet entirely out of wire and beads.
  • Tree of Life: Learn how to twist wire into a beautiful Tree of life pendant adorned with beads.
  • Freeform Weaving: Let the wires speak to you...naw it's not that hippy dippy… using an irregular stone we will set it using a variety of different wire weaving patterns.
  • Show us Whatcha Kandu:  Final project is
    kamper's choice, using the skills they learned they will design and make a finished piece of jewelry of their own design.

Session 4: Chains & Armor: July 25-29 (5 Days) $315 - You ready for this?? You think jewelry isn’t for boys? Well let's get ‘em here for chain making and they will learn the art of making ancient armor. Participants will learn 4 different styles of ancient chain making and chainmail. You are gonna get good at using your tools in this session.

  • Japanese 4:1 Chainmaille: In this session you will make sheets of chain for cuff bracelets or to turn into armor.
  • Byzantine Chain / Box Chain: One of the oldest styles of interlocking chain making.
  • Pharaoh’s Chain: This wire working technique was found in the tombs of the ancient Egyptian Rulers. It hasn’t lost its mystery yet.
  • European 4:1 Chainmaille: When you think chainmail, this is what comes to mind. Learn how sheets of armor are made.

Session 5: Polymer Clay: August 1-5 (5 Days) $315 – Everyone has a sculptor in them. Tap into your own Michelangelo using this amazingly malleable multi-functional media to make creations which are only possible using this awesome material.

  • Real Life Impressions: Make impressions adding embellishments to show off the beauty of what is around you. Then turn your textured polymer into a finished piece of jewelry.
  • Millefiori: - Literally a thousand flowers. Learn to make a Venetian style polymer cane which we will use to embellish a useful item.
  • Animal Friends: – Kampers will sculpt an animal friend by investigating nature or they may create something from their imagination.
  • ‘Dem Bones: – Guest artist, world renowned polymer clay artist, Diane Villano, will teach kampers her own realistic bone making technique.

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Meet our Kouncilors:

Debbie Jaffe: Owner of KanduDeisgns LLC and KanduBeads

Debbie Jaffe Owner of KanduBeads Debbie is a graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design in Providence Rhode Island and attended Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow Scotland. Debbie is an accomplished product designer whose work has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and been seen in varies movies and on Hollywood stars. Debbie has sold her jewelry designs in galleries throughout USA and Canada. Her unique jewelry designs sold at major department stores including Neiman Marcus, Target Stores and the TJMaxx Group. Debbie has dedicated herself to enriching the art community with her Kandu Attitude bringing her passion for design and the arts to her community.  Debbie has two teen children and is happily married.

Lindsey Vaillancourt: Owner of Linndian

Lindsey Vaillancourt

Lindsey is a jewelry designer who sells her work at galleries and shops throughout Connecticut and online. Lindsey, a Southington native, has an eye for merchandising and jewelry construction. Lindsey’s passion is to make every space she inhabits more useful and more beautiful. Lindsey’s kindness, patience, enthusiasm and humility make her stand-out in every crowd.



Karen Parete: A Southern Connecticut University Graduate and Connecticut Certified Teacher.

Karen has over 15 years of experience teaching and mentoring children. Karen’s passion for crafting, kindness and her Kandu spirit make her the perfect program planner.  Karen has an ability to bring fun and excitement to any situation. Karen has two girls in college and is married to her college sweetheart.