Upcycled Store Displays

If you have not been to KanduBeads yet, we are in a pretty high end neighborhood, in a funky old building. But we don’t have a single new display. The entire shop wreaks of the Yankee thrift heritage. This is never to be confused with being cheap, or low value. This is about making the most of what you have on hand and re-purposing it for what you need to do with it. Nearly everything we use for displays including the lighting is up-cycled, re-purposed and old but it never looks unintentionally shabby or dingy.

 I found this old teak boat box at a local flea market.  The picture frame came from the goodwill and we used cork and our old sign to make it into a  useful purse display

I found these track lights at a tag sale. The standoffs are old E-Z Up tent feet.


The solid teak boat box is from a local flea market. The guy had to empty out the tools he was selling before I took it away. 

The picture frame came from the Goodwill and we used cork and our old sign to make it into a useful purse display.

I drove by a tag sale at the end of the day and pulled over to find the antique mahogany credenza. My best find ever!

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