The Ritual of Unboxing Unwrapped

In this day in age, it seems like gift wrapping is somewhat redundant. Most purchases come in boxes and bags. But when we give gifts, these products which come in their own packaging are boxed, wrapped in pretty paper, then, put it in a pretty bag and covered with tissue paper ribbons.

Gift Wrapping Matters - unboxing unwrapped

Humans like to unwrap things.

I have watched countless “un-boxing” videos on YouTube from iPhones to running shoes. Humans like to unwrap things. The unwrapping ceremony is as much about the giver as the recipient. The reason this is done is for several reasons. But it's mostly about the visceral feeling of excitement unfolding and unwrapping gives the gifted and likewise the gifter. This is what I call the Ritual of Unwrapping. Packaging is a calculated marketing technique manufacturers. According to Smithers Pira The Packaging industry is expected to be a $975 billion industry by 2018.

How the item is packaged tells you how to perceive the item inside.

Have you ever received jewelry from Tiffany’s? The pretty blue box is wrapped in a little white bow, then inside is a lovely blue felt bag which holds the bauble you are receiving. How the item is packaged tells you how to perceive the item inside the box.  When you receive a gift wrapped with care, you treasure it more than had the same item been packaged in a plastic grocery bag with a rubber band around it. If you were given the same Tiffany’s Heart pendant in plastic grocery bag you may not take care and value the item.

Your individuality will make your gifts special.

You don’t have to spend lots of money on gift wrap. Your individuality will make your gifts special. I use leftover craft paper or paper grocery bags with raffia with seasonal flowers or branches twisted in. That personal touch always tells the person you are giving to they are loved and cherished as much as the items inside the box.

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