So You Wanna Sell Your Work at KanduBeads (or anywhere)

Arwork by E. Ives, beaded jewelry by N. Haughout. Be a consignment artist at KanduBeads. Learn how


Yay! You made a thing, you wore it to work and your colleagues and friends want one. Congrats. Now you are ready to wholesale your work. Well maybe we should hold off on that congratulations for a little while longer. I am happy to take on consignment artists, if they are ready to sell their works.

Every single consignment artist who sells at KanduBeads is given this list before they are offered a contract or an appointment to consign:

You Wanna Sell Your Work at KanduBeads?

That’s awesome. Thanks for considering us!

We have a few suggestions which might help you get our attention and get you some sales

  1.  You absolutely must have an appointment to drop off AND pick up consignment. (Even if you have consigned with us in the past or we have your work currently.) If you are a new consignor we will not even discuss the idea of consignment unless you have an appointment and have sent photos in advance. Feel free to leave us a press pack, or marketing package which includes photos and descriptions of your work. We will not look at photos on your phone. Come prepared.
  1. Your work must be retail ready. Packaged with hang-tags is recommended.
  1. KanduBeads employees will not make alterations to your work. If your necklace or bracelet needs to be shortened for a customer, we will contact you.
  1. We will not use photos of your work as an agreement to consign. Actual pieces must be presented for review.
  1. If your items are marked with a retail shop, website address, or phone number where the same items are available for less money, then we will reject your work even if it is amazing.
  1. Your work must be available for us to sell online unless we agree in writing that this is not the case.Storytelling Strands consignment jewelry at KanduBeads
  1. All work must be your original design unless you have written permission from the artist who designed it to imitate and sell your version. This is plagiarism, it is illegal and KanduBeads will have no part in it.  
  1. KanduBeads will not tell you the price you should get paid for your work. We will tell you the price we think we can sell if for and what we need to make on it. If you accept our offer that’s awesome, if not, then, please understand, it's not personal. We have to make money also.
  1. We strongly recommend you read Critique, Market & Sell Your Crafts by Debbie Jaffe before you start selling your work. Available in print or download.
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