Recycled Wood Earrings

Well, hey there pretty face, let's make some earrings together!

Simple Recycled Wood Earrings


Have you ever just wanted to wear Mother Nature? Sure, we all have...(?)
Here is a super simple, quick and easy way to get down with your natural, recycling self and look cute too! 

Basilly, all you need is:

A Twig or Small Branch (one that has fallen)
Small Saw (We used a jeweler's saw)
Glue (We used Loctite)


So what you want to do first is find a twig on the ground that has a good, somewhat even diameter throughout it's entire length.  
This will help keep your earrings similar instead of one being huge and one being tiny.
 Our twig is about a quarter inch in diameter- it fit perfectly on our earring pads.
 Cut a slice off of the twig end using the jeweler's saw.  We like to cut it just a little smaller than a quarter inch.
DON'T CUT YOUR FINGERS OFF-  You won't be able to do the next step...   

And Then:      

Plop a drop of Loctite on whichever side is the flatter, more even side of the wood slice.
 Don't hesitate to sandpaper it down a little to make it even other wise it will sit wonky and uneven on your ear.  


Pop the pad side of the earring post into the center of the glue and leave it to dry! 
(We suggest about two hours of drying time, just to be sure.)
Tough, right?  But I knew you could do it all along ;D 
Make these and email the photos of the finished product us at
and we'll post it on our Facebook!  
 Till' next time, 
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Bethany said:

What?! This is such an awesome idea, LOVE it!

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