Simple Sliding Knot Bracelet with Antique African Coin

Hi There!  Ready for something quick and easy? In this tutorial, we will make a


Simple Sliding Knot Bracelet with an Antique African Coin


This bracelet is totally adjustable and can fit just about every wrist, depending on how much cord you use.





Materials used in this project:



One Yard of Leather Cord 

 (larger bracelets require a few extra inches)

One Antique African Coin 






Okay, now that you have all the goods, you want to take your yard of string or cord and fold it right in half and cut it.


Take one strand of your cut cord and fold it in half again, making a simple bend at the top (do not cut this half)


Take the bend you just made and pass it through the center of the coin, like zis-





Loop the dangling strands through the loop



Now pull tight! (but don't pull so hard you break your cord. I've done it too many times)



Now do this all again with your second strand of cord for the other side! 



Great! you're lookin' good. The next step is going to be knotting the two (now four after folding them) strands of cord to each other

to create the sliding knot element of this sliding knot bracelet.


This part was tricky to explain in photographs so I just drew it out...



Basically, take both strands of one side and wrap it around the other strands of the other side at least 3 times



This should create a small tunnel of loops around one side of cord.

Now, take the end of the two strands of one side that is wrapped around and lead it through that tunnel

Like This:


Got that?

Now pull it tight, but again, don't use your lion strength, we don't want to break the cord.

Do it again on the other side and it will look something like this- (about 4 strands in a cute little knot) 




Now pull it gently on each side to ensure your knots are not too tight and your sliding knot bracelet is complete!

Now go give it to someone you have a crush on cause it's

totally gender neutral and anyone who is anyone would want to wear something you made ;D 




Until next time, <3 KanduBeads










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amy said:

Beautiful bracelet! Great tutorial! Thank you.


Nur said:

I loved it, and I particularly loved the coin. Awesome tutorial! thanks.

Tammy Ciaburri

Tammy Ciaburri said:

I made this beautiful bracelet after visiting your store for the first time. I love the simplicity of it. I wear it all the time.

Shelley Belsham

Shelley Belsham said:

Thanks for writing such a clear set of instructions. I can’t wait to make this.
Best regards


afrina said:

Is there a youtube video of this? It seems pretty hard :/


Pam said:

I love this bracelet! However, I have just spent the last hour and a half trying to get the knots to slide. They’re too tight to slide or too loose and come apart. Also, it’s very difficult to get on your wrist by yourself. What am I doing wrong??

Marudhar Arts

Marudhar Arts said:

I loved it, and I particularly loved the coin. Awesome tutorial! thanks.

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