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Today I was interviewed by Matt McFarland a reporter Channel 3 news in the shop because I posted an email I had written to the Wallingford Town Council on Facebook which was not responded to by town officials. 


I had a problem that the Town of Wallingford CT made me take down my signs. Thanks to the advice of my good friends I posted my plea on Facebook on Sunday and the Meriden Record Journal printed an article showing me looking all pissed off today. 

Bad news is my shop is leaving Wallingford CT. Good news is I'm opening in the Watch Factory Shoppes in Cheshire CT in July!
Stay tuned for moving and sale information!



Debbie Jaffe, of Wallingford, owner of Kandu Beads, holds a vinyl banner the town forced her to remove from a fence outside her business in Silversmith Park at 346 Quinnipiac St., Monday, May 11, 2015. Removing the signs resulted in a significant decrease in sales and she is now planning to move to the Watch Factory Shoppes in Cheshire in July. | Dave Zajac / Record-Journal

This is the letter to the Wallingford Town Council I posted on Facebook which got all the attention.

Dear Sirs;

My name is Deborah Jaffe, I own KanduDesigns LLC Dba KanduBeads at 346 Quinnipiac St. When I moved into this location nearly four years I celebrated the opening of my store which is open to the public. I put a banner sign on the fence in front of the location which I have studiously maintained and replaced so that it is in good condition and has a nice general appearance.

I have operated with signs of this sort on the fence for 42 months. On April 21, 2015 I was visited in my shop by Mr. Tom Hogarty Assistant Town Planner Zoning Enforcement Officer who issued me a Notice which was a warning that my signage needed to be removed immediately or I was subject to a fine of $150 per day. I removed my signage to be in compliance.

Since removal of my sign my sales have plummeted to 4% of what they were the week prior. Nothing else has changed, only my visibility on the street. I have been contacted by numerous customers stating how sad they are that we are out of business (which is untrue, I am not out of business I just no longer have any signage.)

My landlord, filed for a signage variance about a 18 months ago. We were offered an 18 inch by 9 inch plaque on a larger marquis on the road which according to the town signage code must be divided evenly amongst all of the tenants even if some tenants have larger units. However, one of my neighbors next building over has multiple signs on a lit post, banner flags and huge signs on the building which is nearer to the street than mine but my one banner which has my company name on it is subject to fines of $150 per day? I cannot understand how variances for signage are issued.

I also take issue with the indiscriminate fine of $150 per day. For a larger corporate business $150 per day may be an advertising expense they are willing to absorb. However for me, that is more than I gross. I feel the rules in the town are anti-small business. Perhaps Wallingford has enough businesses in town that harassing the smaller businesses seems like a good sport.

As a small business owner I chose to open my shop in Wallingford, the town in which I live so that I could contribute to my own community. I now feel it is necessary to move my business to another town who’s signage rules are less arbitrary. It saddens me to no longer be a part of the town which I love and call home. Perhaps you may reevaluate signage rules as it pertains to industrial and retail spaces in Wallingford. You may find if customers are able to locate local businesses we will have more businesses to support the town.

Kindest regards:

Deborah Jaffe
KanduDesigns LLC dba KanduBeads
346 Quinnipiac St
BLDG 1, Second Floor
Wallingford, CT 06492

Deborah Jaffe May 12, 2015

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