Last Minute Halloween Costume Addition Ideas!



With Halloween literally two weeks away, we thought we would share some ideas for last minute Halloween Costume additions that will make your costume ten times better than everyone else's! 

Need something that Jingles? Try these Handmade African Brass Bells!










They are hand made in Ethiopia using only humane processes and in a fair trade environment. The soft yellow color and rough hewn texture adds to the timeless look these bells possess. They look like they could have been made either yesterday, or 100 years ago!



How about something 
with that "creep" factor? Why not try these Natural Fish Spine Vertebrae Beads?


These are handmade in Western Africa. These are made in a fair market. The people who make these are treated and compensated fairly for their work. The fish used in making these beads are not butchered for the bones, they are butchered as food for families. These are made in tribute to the animals. In Africa, bones are highly prized, and the animals are honored for their service to humans.


 Nothing says scarey like huge teeth! Check out these Water Buffalo Teeth Beads!
Sew them on to any kind of burlap or canvas costume for a "Woodland Dweller" kind of feel. What would you do with them?! Show us on Facebook or Instagram @KanduBeads! 

Hope these ideas give a little inspiration for this spooktastic season! Happy Halloweening friends!
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