Important Information about "Rosary Pea" Beads

Today we want to put out a pre-cautionary post for all of our designers and friends who like to incorporate seed and nut beads into their designs.

We are sad to hear of a very unfortunate story in which a young girl has passed away after putting the seeds of her rosary necklace in her mouth. The rosary necklace was made with seeds called "Jequirity" also known as "Rosary Peas", "Crab's Eye", "John Crow Beads" and "Indian Licorice". Jequirity is an invasive, tropical Legume plant that grows on a vine and it's bright red seeds are used to make jewelry and percussion instruments. The seeds contain the toxin "Abrin" which is deadly when ingested and can even be harmful if exposed to broken or damaged skin.

If you come across this seed in any jewelry designs, use caution and do not expose it or give it to children. 




Learn more about Rosary Peas here:


Stay safe friends!



Alisha Martindale May 19, 2014 4 tags (show)

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