The Creativity Award Goes To ------- Our Customers

The Creativity Award Goes To ------- Our Customers

At year end we at Kandubeads want to express our extreme gratitude to our customers. We are constantly amazed by your creative ingenuity. For the next few weeks we are going to show off some of our customers work and encourage you to look at their cleverness and awesome use of our materials. 

LoveRoot by NIkki Zehler on etsy uses KanduBeads African BeadsNikki Zehler LoveRoot on Etsy Uses KanduBeads Kyanite in her earringsNikki Zehler from LoveRoot is one of my most favorite designers. Nikki's jewelry is as artistic and eclectic as it is fun and wearable.  Nikki uses a rare medley of media, but her passion is for the rustic. She interlaces African antique stone and clay beads, mala beads, roman glass with modern ceramic pieces, fossils, found objects, rough gemstones and hand made metal components. Nikki is a rare gem . Her sense of aesthetic is only matched by her humor and wit. 


Papavier on Etsy Jewelry from KanduBeads's beads


Jessica Franzen from Papavier uses our stones in such thoughtful and creative ways that I have to admit I've become a bit of a stalker in the last few years. Jessica's Etsy shop is filled with thoughtful little gems like this one. Check her out! She uses crystal points and other components with chains to make lovely designs which are so easy to wear! 

Caleb Hand LARP or Steam Punk Leather accessories using KanduBeads Bottles


We are often asked what to do with our little bottles. Caleb Hand from  on Etsy has the most creative fun use for them we have seen yet. Caleb makes the absolute best Leather LARP or Steampunk (you geeks know who you are) wristlets and belt accessories using our corked bottles! Check his stuff out!




**A big giant thanks to Nikki Zehler, Jessica Franzen and Caleb Hand for letting us show them off. We were given permission from all of the artists featured in this blog to use their photos. Please support these amazing artists by shopping in their shops and giving them love! They work hard and their work shows it. 

We have just the most WONDERFUL creative customers. 

If you wanna be featured in a blog like this, Send us an Email with links to your facebook and online shop. 




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