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Tiny Terrariums

Here is a great, easy and inexpensive project perfect for kicking off the weekend with the family or getting in touch with your inner farmer.  


What you will need:


Glass Bottles

Seed Beads

Chopstick or Pencil

 Potting Soil

Any seed that will stay small as a plant (We used chamomile)


First things first:

Take some seed beads and fill the bottom of the jar to about 1cm.  This will drain the soil once it is packed in the 

bottle and allow for humidity to rise within the dirt, therefore watering itself!




Gently pack about a tablespoon of soil into the glass bottle without disturbing the seed beads.

Fill 'till it's about 1/2 full.




Moisten the dirt just a wee bit with water (Try not to drown it like I did) and use your chopstick

or pencil to poke a hole in the middle. This is where the seeds will go! (No need to water after this, it will water itself from now on!)




Pour, Pour, Pour your seeds!  Try to aim for the little hole you poked in the soil. 
Once you got them in, use the chopstick again to cover up the seeds.




Put the cork back on your bottle (and keep it on) and in 3-4 days (Depending on your seeds), with sunlight and lovin'- 

Et' Voila! You have the cutest little tiny terrarium!






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Deborah Jaffe September 27, 2016 Add a comment

KanduBeads in the News

Today I was interviewed by Matt McFarland a reporter Channel 3 news in the shop because I posted an email I had written to the Wallingford Town Council on Facebook which was not responded to by town officials. 


I had a problem that the Town of Wallingford CT made me take down my signs. Thanks to the advice of my good friends I posted my plea on Facebook on Sunday and the Meriden Record Journal printed an article showing me looking all pissed off today. 

Bad news is my shop is leaving Wallingford CT. Good news is I'm opening in the Watch Factory Shoppes in Cheshire CT in July!
Stay tuned for moving and sale information!



Debbie Jaffe, of Wallingford, owner of Kandu Beads, holds a vinyl banner the town forced her to remove from a fence outside her business in Silversmith Park at 346 Quinnipiac St., Monday, May 11, 2015. Removing the signs resulted in a significant decrease in sales and she is now planning to move to the Watch Factory Shoppes in Cheshire in July. | Dave Zajac / Record-Journal

This is the letter to the Wallingford Town Council I posted on Facebook which got all the attention.

Dear Sirs;

My name is Deborah Jaffe, I own KanduDesigns LLC Dba KanduBeads at 346 Quinnipiac St. When I moved into this location nearly four years I celebrated the opening of my store which is open to the public. I put a banner sign on the fence in front of the location which I have studiously maintained and replaced so that it is in good condition and has a nice general appearance.

I have operated with signs of this sort on the fence for 42 months. On April 21, 2015 I was visited in my shop by Mr. Tom Hogarty Assistant Town Planner Zoning Enforcement Officer who issued me a Notice which was a warning that my signage needed to be removed immediately or I was subject to a fine of $150 per day. I removed my signage to be in compliance.

Since removal of my sign my sales have plummeted to 4% of what they were the week prior. Nothing else has changed, only my visibility on the street. I have been contacted by numerous customers stating how sad they are that we are out of business (which is untrue, I am not out of business I just no longer have any signage.)

My landlord, filed for a signage variance about a 18 months ago. We were offered an 18 inch by 9 inch plaque on a larger marquis on the road which according to the town signage code must be divided evenly amongst all of the tenants even if some tenants have larger units. However, one of my neighbors next building over has multiple signs on a lit post, banner flags and huge signs on the building which is nearer to the street than mine but my one banner which has my company name on it is subject to fines of $150 per day? I cannot understand how variances for signage are issued.

I also take issue with the indiscriminate fine of $150 per day. For a larger corporate business $150 per day may be an advertising expense they are willing to absorb. However for me, that is more than I gross. I feel the rules in the town are anti-small business. Perhaps Wallingford has enough businesses in town that harassing the smaller businesses seems like a good sport.

As a small business owner I chose to open my shop in Wallingford, the town in which I live so that I could contribute to my own community. I now feel it is necessary to move my business to another town who’s signage rules are less arbitrary. It saddens me to no longer be a part of the town which I love and call home. Perhaps you may reevaluate signage rules as it pertains to industrial and retail spaces in Wallingford. You may find if customers are able to locate local businesses we will have more businesses to support the town.

Kindest regards:

Deborah Jaffe
KanduDesigns LLC dba KanduBeads
346 Quinnipiac St
BLDG 1, Second Floor
Wallingford, CT 06492

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DIY Druzy Lapis Coin Cuff Links Tutorial


Wedding Season is upon us! Do you need a unique little gift to give to members of your wedding party? Try these super easy, 5 minute DIY Cuff Links sure to make your party members feel special! 

Materials Used:
2 Druzy Lapis Coin Beads
One Pair Flat Pad Cuff Links
Glass and Bead Adhesive 

Step 1:

Place a pea sized amount of bead adhesive on the flat pad of the cuff link. The trick to this step is getting it right in the middle so it doesn't squeesh too much over the sides when you place the Lapis coin on top! You get extra "Master Crafter" points when you can do this with one hand like I did below ;D 

Step 2:

Place the Druzy Lapis Coin right on top of that Blob O' Glue. Try to wipe up any extra glue that might smoosh out of the sides after placing the coin on top. It's better to do it now than to wait until it dries and have hard, blobby glue alllll over the place. I should have painted my nails before I took these photos, huh... 


Step 3: 

This is the hardest part. Sit your now gluey cuff links upside down on a flat surface and don't touch them! Tough, I know, right?! But for reals, wait at least 30-40 minutes before picking them up again so the adhesive has a chance to set. If you notice the coin slipping out of place while it is drying, gently nudge it back to the middle a few times until it doesn't move anymore. This is a very real possibility depending on what kind of adhesive you use, that's why we love Aleene's Bead and Glass Adhesive. It's pretty thick but viscous in all the right places...    


When you can pick up your cuff links without anything falling off, you're good to go! Pack them in a neat little box with pretty tissue paper and you have yourself a wedding party gift or even a personal gift made especially for your significant other on your big day! 

 Until next time! 



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Alisha Martindale April 20, 2015 Add a comment

Last Minute Halloween Costume Addition Ideas!



With Halloween literally two weeks away, we thought we would share some ideas for last minute Halloween Costume additions that will make your costume ten times better than everyone else's! 

Need something that Jingles? Try these Handmade African Brass Bells!










They are hand made in Ethiopia using only humane processes and in a fair trade environment. The soft yellow color and rough hewn texture adds to the timeless look these bells possess. They look like they could have been made either yesterday, or 100 years ago!



How about something 
with that "creep" factor? Why not try these Natural Fish Spine Vertebrae Beads?


These are handmade in Western Africa. These are made in a fair market. The people who make these are treated and compensated fairly for their work. The fish used in making these beads are not butchered for the bones, they are butchered as food for families. These are made in tribute to the animals. In Africa, bones are highly prized, and the animals are honored for their service to humans.


 Nothing says scarey like huge teeth! Check out these Water Buffalo Teeth Beads!
Sew them on to any kind of burlap or canvas costume for a "Woodland Dweller" kind of feel. What would you do with them?! Show us on Facebook or Instagram @KanduBeads! 

Hope these ideas give a little inspiration for this spooktastic season! Happy Halloweening friends!
<3 KanduBeads





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We love our KanduDesigner Friends!

We totally love this necklace our friend Lori made with one of our rough, natural Quartz Crystal wands! Just look at that wire wrapping! We especially love the intricately placed beads within the wrapping and the roughness of the crystal from top to bottom!


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Important Information about "Rosary Pea" Beads

Today we want to put out a pre-cautionary post for all of our designers and friends who like to incorporate seed and nut beads into their designs.

We are sad to hear of a very unfortunate story in which a young girl has passed away after putting the seeds of her rosary necklace in her mouth. The rosary necklace was made with seeds called "Jequirity" also known as "Rosary Peas", "Crab's Eye", "John Crow Beads" and "Indian Licorice". Jequirity is an invasive, tropical Legume plant that grows on a vine and it's bright red seeds are used to make jewelry and percussion instruments. The seeds contain the toxin "Abrin" which is deadly when ingested and can even be harmful if exposed to broken or damaged skin.

If you come across this seed in any jewelry designs, use caution and do not expose it or give it to children. 




Learn more about Rosary Peas here:


Stay safe friends!



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Current KanduNews 3/31/14

Good afternoon! What a surprise this snow was, eh?! That's ok because it made for a nice snow delay here in Wallingford, Connecticut <3

Here is some Current KanduNews:


Plenty of new items being posted daily to our Etsy shop! Take a moment to look around at all the great new beads and gems we just posted including these beautiful Brazilian Amethyst Double Tourminated Wands. Brazilian double tourminated amethyst wands available in our Etsy shop  What would you do with these beautiful, natural gems? We like to keep them spread among similar stones all around the shop and gaze at them when we please. We are also pretty excited about these new Natural Crystal Shard Beads What would you make with these amazing, rough and raw shards of milky clear quartz crystals? We love to design our crystals into large necklaces or dangle them from simple earrings like these Cascade Earrings.  Current KanduSale Have you taken advantage of KanduKash yet? Use KanduKash to "Print Your Own Money" and save on all your favorite KanduBeads items! You can now save $3, $10 and even $30 on your next in-store or online purchase by printing out your own KanduKash and redeeming it at our Wallingford, CT shop location or by using these codes at checkout on our Etsy Shop:

SAVE $30.00 on orders over $100 Code 30KBKash
SAVE $10.00 on orders over $50 Code 10KBKash 
SAVE $3.00 on orders over $20 Code 3KBKash 

Use KanduKash while you can because it goes away 4/14/2014!        

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Current KanduNews! 2/14/14

Hi Everyone!


Just dropping in to let you know what's going on at KanduBeads this month.  First, <3 Happy Valentine's Day! <3 Today may mark the end of our store-wide Etsy 15% off sale, but it brings with it the beginning of our


SAVE 25% In-Store and Online

Inventory Reduction Sale!

(Absolutely ends February 23rd)

We need to make room for all the awesome new products we have on the way and to be honest, we can't wait to stock all the new and exotic beads we have coming to us...Squeeeeee! :D:D:D




or save on your Entire Online BEAD purchase with this code at checkout: WinterBlitz25

This sale absolutely ends on February 23rd so take advantage now!

(please do not forget code at checkout, we cannot make refunds for forgotten codes)


Just itching to make something new?! We got you covered: Check out our great, new,

FREE BoHo Gyspy Earrings Tutorial


Click the photo above to reach our free tutorial on how to make these free-flowing, high-spirited, ready for Spring drape earrings that go perfect with any colorful Spring accessories and patterns. Would you prefer to have live instruction?

Join us for a class! We have plenty to choose from and they change every month!



Call for Artists!

Are you an established Artist close to the Connecticut Area? Do you have experience effectively teaching small groups of people your skill or craft? We want to meet you! We are looking for artists and crafts people in the fields of:


-Lampworking (glass and beads)
-Polymer Clay
-Leather working

We are also looking for established and experienced instructors in the fields of:

-Crystal Healing
-Metaphysical Stone and Gem usage

Call us at 203-793-7348 or email us at Info@kandubeads.com ASAP! We want to start booking classes with you!


That's all for now friends, until next time <3


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Gypsy Boho Earring Tutorial

 Boho Earring Tutorial:

Kay... So you wanna have a pretty pair of trendy earrings, with druzys and chain like you see on TV, but heck if you're gonna spend tons of donuts on 'em... 

How to Make Gyspy Boho earrings By Debbie Jaffe Kandubeads

I'm gonna show you how to make designer earrings, easy peasy. 

1: Let's get our stuff ready: 

                Supplies You will need: (click here for a shopping list)

     18 inches* of fine gold plated chain (2-3mm links work best)* 
      2 12x15mm oval druzy beads (a rectangle will work also)
      8 2" head pins or 4 headpins and about a foot of 24 guage wire
      6 4x5mm x 18  gauge oval jump rings (round will work)
      2-8 4mm beads or size 0/6 glass seed beads

 Tools you will need:

  • Good quality flush cutters
  • Double round Pliers
  • 2 Pairs jewelry pliers (I like to use 2 pairs of bend chain nose, but flat nose, or straight chain nose are fine too)

2: Cuttin' the Chain

 Cut your chain into pieces as follows:

  Two   2 inch cuts
  Two   5 inch cuts
  Two 1.25 inches

Note: You will have a tiny bit of chain left after your cuts if you purchased 18"

Tip: Be sure to purchase more chain than the exact cuts because you will have to account for the cut links. 

3: Gettin' Loopy:

Make loops on your beads to attach the chains to:

Putting loops on the oval druzy. 

  1. Cut the ball off of one of your head pins and make a small loop in one side using your double round pliers. You will need to be sure to securely wrap the tail around the loop 
  2. Put the bead on the wire with the loop. Again using your double round pliers make a small loop on the other side of your oval druzy securing it by wrapping the tail around the loop. close to the bead. 
  3. Be sure that the rings are horizontal to eachother and perpendicular to the bead. 

TIP: being careful that the loops are equally sized on both sides of the oval. Be sure not to make the loops too small or you will have a hard time getting your jump rings to fit into them in the next step. 

Putting headpin on the teardrop druzy. 

  1. pass the headpin through the tear drop bead so that the ball is at the rounded part of the tear drop. 
  2. Make a loop at the top 
  3. Be sure that the ring is perpendicular to the front of the druzy. 
  4. Put a jump ring on the loop of the teardrop druzy bead. 

4: Attaching the Chains:

This is the fussy part of this project. You will need to be sure your chains are all cut precisely and your loops on the druzy beads are secure. 

  1.  Attach a jump ring to the loop on the oval druzy, but leave it open for now. This is going to be you main attaching point for all the chains. *Tip: the order in which you put the chains on matters! Be sure to keep them in order. 
  2. Put the chains on the open jump ring in this order: 
1st 1.25 inch chain
2nd 5 inch chain
3rd 2 inch chain
3. Close the jump ring.
4. Now, put the 2 inch chain into the ring on the teardrop druzy. (Don't worry where it sits on the chain for now. it will find its own center as you wear it.

5. Open another jump ring and put it on the other side of the oval druzy and put the chains on the ring in this order. 

1st - 2 inch chain
2nd - 5 inch chain
3rd - 1.25 inch chain
*TIP: Don't forget, the order in which you put the chains on matters! Be sure to keep them in order. 
6. Close the jump ring.
AHHHHHHHH!! Make a sigh of relief. The hard part is done. 


5: Gettin' it all together:

Now you have an earring... Well almost: Let's finish it up.

Put the lever back finding on the 1.25 inch chain.
            1. You need to find the center of the chain to do this. You can do it the mathematical way 1.25" ÷ 2 = .625" ... but come on... we are artists. Just count your links and find the one in the middle. For example,  if you have 9 links you will place the hook on the 5th link. (See the Tip below)
            2. Open the ring on the leverback earring finding and put it through the center link of the 1.25" chain. 
            3. Close the ring on the leverback earring finding.
Add the little decoration bead to the bottom of the 5" chain

  1. Put a head pin through the 4mm bead
  2. Make a partial loop using your double round pliers. 
  3. find the center of the 5" chain. (using the math method this will be at 2.5") the counting links method will probably work better. (See the Tip below)Hook your loop into the center link in the 5" chain.
  4. Close the loop by bringing the tail of the loop around and wrapping twice.



 *TIP: If you have an even number of links, open one of the jump rings on the oval bead, and remove the 1.25" chain, cut off one link and put it back on the jump ring and close it up. 

6: Finishing Touches:

You have been manipulating a lot of separate parts, they need a bit of lovin' before they are gonna lay perfectly. 

  • Hold your earring up by the earring hook and be sure the druzy beads are facing the correct direction,(hook toward your head)
  • Be sure all your rings are closed securely
  • check that everything is hanging centered.
  • Make whatever adjustments need to be done.
  • You can tighten the coils on your wrapping to keep your beads from spinning. 

6: Rinse and Repeat:

You are done with one earring! Repeat all steps for the other side, now that you are an expert!!

Be sure to join our mailing list to be notified whenever we have a sale or a new free tutorial!


Show us what you made on our facebook page!! Be sure to tag Kandu Beads for a special pressie!! 

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Our Designer Friends Know How to Astonish and Amaze

Here at KanduBeads we love seeing what people do with our beads. With a selection of over 1000+ styles of beads to choose from, there are endless combinations of colors, textures and designs ready to be made into anything you can imagine. Our designer friends really know how to take all of those elements and put them together to create pieces that intrigue and keep the viewer engaged.

 Some of our recent favorites are these creatively imagined, ethnographic necklaces by Rebecca Rohland of BeccasCreativeArts.

 Becca uses multiple styles of beads, especially the white cattle bone wheel mala beads and natural crystal point beads in layers to create these asounding pieces that just drip with texture and color really keep our interest.  I feel like I see something new each time I look. It is also interesting to think about how many stories are threaded in each necklace: where each bead came from, who it was made by, how it was made...Think of how many stories are woven together when eclectic pieces like these are created.  Find Rebecca in her shop "Checkers- The Raystown Lakes Creative Market." and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Checkers-The-Raystown-Lakes-Creative-Market

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum is Lea Faminiano of ShopKikay with her super minimalist designs incorporating simple chain and tiny chips and nuggets. I love how her designs are simple enough to jazz up any outfit as well as light enough to layer with complementary pieces as well for a chunkier, put together look. The use of the rough, AB pyrite nuggets here hanging from a sleek gold tone chain make the design look polished yet organic. It's designs like these that make me start to think "what's in my closet that would match this?" find Lea on facebook facebook.com/kikayjewels

Rachelle Johnson of ChYMieRa blends a bit of both worlds to create her distinct, modern gothic, one of a kind jewelry pieces. Rachelle's work is inspiring in its aparant simplicity but exudes quality. Rachelle blends simple little

Over the many years we have been selling on Etsy, I have been secretly stalking Rachelle and her work. I am a real fan. She is as kind as she is talented. carnelian teeth on a chain to make an intriguing tassle or uses antique style adornments with natural chunky citrine points to make these simple statement earrings.

Find ChYMieRa on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/ChYMieRa

The artists featured in our blog are original designers. Their works are USA © COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. Please do not duplicate their designs it is illegal and more importantly these artists work hard to support their livelihoods by selling their original works of art. 

**A big giant thanks to Rachelle Johnson of  ChYMieRa ,  Lea Faminiano of ShopKikay and  Rebecca Rohland of BeccasCreativeArts for letting us show them off. We were given permission from all of the artists featured in this blog to use their photos. Please support these amazing artists by shopping in their shops and giving them love! They work hard and their work shows it. 

We have just the most WONDERFUL creative customers. 

If you wanna be featured in a blog like this, Send us an Email with links to your facebook and online shop. 


Debbie & Alisha



Chymiera https://www.facebook.com/pages/Checkers-The-Raystown-Lakes-Creative-Market/131739270230002Lea Faminiano Rebecca Rohland ChYMieRa ShopKikay

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